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Extensive green roofs are constructed using low maintenance planting such as sedums (succulents) and indigenous herbs and grasses which provide excellent cover and increased protection to the waterproofing system.
An extensive green roof is not for leisure purposes as they are primarily used for their ecological benefits or aesthetic appearance.

An extensive green roof can be supplied in 4 different finishes;

Sedum sprout mix
Scattered evenly and softly pressed, this is the most economical way to plant a green roof, flowers will begin to appear after one growing season.

Sedum plugs
Planted 15 per square metre, a matting effect will be established after one growing season.

Fully grown sedum matting
The most expensive of the 3 available for flat roofs, a fully cultivated sedum laid like turf to obtain an immediate lush finish.

Sedum honeycombs
A pitched roof is covered using sedum honeycombs which have been cultivated for approximately 12 months.

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